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‘WORDLOOM CREATIVE VENTURES’ is a name that has courageously been steadfast in expansion and has marked its niche in the spheres of Media, Education and Performing Arts.

'Wordloom Workshops' conducts highly interactive literary and theatre workshops for holistic development of the intellectual and creative bends of mind. Wordloom Workshops understands young minds to the core and thus develops & designs specific workshop patterns with specific curriculum for different age groups. Children from age 5-15 and young
adults are our participants.

Year 2010 was significant for Wordloom, as its production venture began in full swing. Documentaries, training films, audio books, audio snippets and short films were the main productions that rolled out from Wordloom Filmworks. Wordloom Filmworks was in full gear and was treading towards its next big leap.

'Wordloom Creative Ventures in collaboration with 'Katha Pachisi the story bank', owned by renowned storyteller Ms. Monika Tandon, founded ASTA in 2020. 'Academy of Storytelling and Theatre Arts, ASTA, is a first of its kind academy rendering creative learning experience in two incredible art forms and
their variations.

'Artword Repertoire' is the newly commenced theatrical wing of Wordloom Creative Ventures. A series of plays have been planned by Artword Repertoire , which will soon e taken into execution.


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